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air freshener supplies


Want to get rid of unpleasant odors that trapped in your house, bathrooms or workplace? Air quality is very crucial to everyone. If an unpleasant smell lasts for a long period, it might affect individuals’ mood and performance. In order to have good quality breathing air, majority of people will opt for air freshener as it is effective in eliminating bad odors and leaving the surrounding fresh and fragranced. Today, air fresheners are no longer for household use as they have successfully gained their popularity in numerous sectors including commercial as well as industrial. Chemin Hygiene’s air freshener supplies come in variety of scent options, they are specially formulated to meet the diverse needs of buyers and for them to enjoy different kind of aromas. Our air fresheners are available in spray and gel. Besides, they are available in several designs which are sleek and compact in shape, so they can be used in everywhere including washroom, bedroom, office or crowded areas.


Citrus, lavender, lemon, vanilla bouquets, lime, floral and aqua are the scents offered in our product range. So, you can choose from mild floral fragrance to strong one based on your individual preferences. Our air fresheners are formulated with natural and pure extracts. The fresh and long lasting fragrance are effective in eliminating unbearable smells. Our air fresheners tend to neutralize the odors and create a fresh and pleasing smell. Unlike other air fresheners, they just cover the smell and eventually the air become rather choky. Our products truly create a clean and fresh smell that freshens up your surroundings.


Our air fresheners give you an enjoyable and comfortable feeling as the quality of your surrounding air is our main concern. Air fresheners can always help you to create a relaxing ambience and put your guests, visitors or family members into a good mood! Chemin Hygiene is always your first choice when it comes to cleaning equipment as we offer a vast range of wholesale hygiene supplies at low and reasonable rates! It’s time to grab an air freshener and don’t let those unpleasant smells ruin your day!