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Floor Cleaning Machine


Cleaning with the conventional method of mops and buckets are always a nightmare for everyone as it is very tiring and time consuming. So, the inventions of floor cleaning machine and industrial vacuum cleaners help to make regular cleaning easier and quicker. Our cleaning machinery helps to maintain a clean and safe environment for all.


At Chemin Hygiene, we offer two types of floor cleaning machines which are push model and ride-on model. Both of them are very effective in cleaning large spaces such as halls, offices and premises. They are specially designed to operate on different kinds of surfaces including ceramic tile, concrete floor, marble floor and many more. Besides, the sprayer and scrubber are effective in removing stubborn stains, grease and dirt and leave every corner sparkling and shine. Our cleaning machine reduces the risk of slipping and failing as it requires little amount of water to clean the floor and allow the floor to dry more quickly compared to the traditional mop and bucket systems. Wet floors are extremely dangerous in industrial settings as they would lead to serious injuries and accidents.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are very convenient and easy to operate in various areas like factories, offices, production areas, warehouses, etc. They are equipped with powerful suction that ensures all the dirt and dust particles are removed, leaving the area clean and safe. Our products are made up by high quality materials and are designed to operate for long hour to ensure long service life. They are robust and durable to withstand years of application. And of course, they help to make the cleaning jobs easier as the users or operators could customize the settings and enable a larger area to be cleaned in a shorter time. They are widely used by many sectors in order to keep the facilities clean and dust free. Indeed, our floor cleaning machine and industrial vacuum cleaners are cost effective for floor cleaning and require little maintenance. They are beneficial for a wide range of applications like commercial, residential as well as industrial. Thus, cleaning is no longer a daunting task!