Toilet Roll Tissue Paper Supplier in Malaysia - Chemin Hygiene
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Toilet Roll Tissue Paper


Toilet roll and tissue paper are absolutely necessary for all homes, restaurants, businesses and any facility with a washroom. We offer a variety of tissue papers which are good in quality and safe to use at budget prices. We stock wide variety of tissues starting from jumbo size, regular standard type, interfold hand towel and multifold hand towel to bathroom tissues. They are available in different pack sizes and thickness such as 1 ply, 2 ply and 3 ply that are strong and super absorbent. Our product range offer a great flexibility for consumers to choose and select which is best suited to their sanitary needs. We have it all to meet all your business, household or commercial needs.


Our products are made to be used for all types of purposes and functions. Most importantly, we do not include any harmful chemicals, dyes, and scents throughout the production process. They are completely friendly to all types of skins and won’t cause any irritation or rashes. In the effort to fulfill the needs of environmentally conscious consumers, our company do offer product like recycled toilet roll. They are specially made from recycled materials, so they tend to be eco- friendly and cost saving. Although they are recycled paper, they are safe to use and able to offer soft as well as comfort feel. In other words, recycled tissues are friendly to the earth as well as your wallet.


Our keen knowledge in this very industry has helped us in offering our customers the highest quality toilet roll and tissue paper. Jumbo roll is widely used in high traffic areas, standard roll is ideal for household or commercial applications; hand towel is high in demand in foods and beverages sectors. So, no matter what types of tissues you choose, we always have enough stock on hand to cater all your demands. Overwhelmed by too many choices? Don’t worry as our sales assistants will be pleased to help you out with professional suggestions and advices! Chemin Hygiene will be your reliable supplier if you are looking for high quality products at affordable prices.