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Chemin Hygiene Sdn Bhd is well-known as one of the leading cleaning chemicals suppliers & manufacturer in professional and industrial Cleaning Machinery, Washroom Equipment, Cleaning Chemicals and other hygiene accessories. Apart from supplying, our Hygiene Services also includes repair and maintenance of the Cleaning Machinery and Washroom Equipment.

Chemin Hygiene carries an extensive and varied range of high quality, cost effective Cleaning Chemicals, Tools and Equipments to suit your industrial, commercial and catering cleaning needs. For instance, our cleaning chemicals includes many variations and fragrances for many applications like for laundry, carpet, as floor polisher, air sanitizer & deodorizer and so on. Besides the varied cleaning chemicals, our Cleaning Equipments covered a wide selection too – air freshener dispenser, spray and refill, soap dispenser, multi fold dispenser, hand dryer, hand towel, jumbo toilet roll dispenser, napkins, sanitary bin, stainless steel bin, cleaning vacuum and many more!

With the comprehensive cleaning solutions and hygiene products, Chemin Hygiene has gained a substantial market shares and has maintained an excellent reputation in this Hygiene Services field. Within a short period, the company is diversified, stable and financially secure with a history of building long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers. In recent years, we are expanding our business into international market in ASEAN, CHINA, SOUTH ASIA, MIDDLE EAST and EUROPE country.

Today, we are now cater for major cleaning contractors, hotels, hospitals, complexes, manufacturing, and buildings. Most of our products are currently use in major Malaysia airports, hospitals, government agencies, banks, multi national companies through our esteem dedicated dealers and cleaning contractors. We also provide the full range of installation, maintenance and related services for our products and solutions. We offer various professional value-added services to ensure every customer’s need is fulfilled to their satisfaction.